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Our Team.

We are proud to be able to provide an amazing professional coaching staff with both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling.  Our coaches are trained and certified with complete background checks. 

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Professor West's Bio can be found under the "about us" tab. He is an Army Veteran, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt, and certified Wrestling Coach. Prof.West's Black Belt is under Scott Devine who is a Third Degree Black Belt under 9th Degree Red/Black Belt Master Relson Gracie. Professor West has competed multiple times, garnering first place finishes through all belt levels in Gi and No-Gi.


Competitive Jiu Jitsu Credentials include...

- Gold Medalist in the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) in Miami, Atlanta, and New York securing over 24 IBJJF placed medals including the Gold Medal for No Gi Pan in NYC. 

Wrestling Credentials include - 3x Alabama State Champ, Collegiate level, and US Army Wrestling titles. 

Coach Harry is certified in both USAWrestling- Bronze level and Amateur Athletic Union(AAU) 

Professor Raquel West is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Scott Devine. She is Savannah's First Female BJJ Black Belt. She has over a decade of knowledge to share! She is integral in the growth of a supportive and compassionate environment for our female grapplers. Raquel is passionate about the grappling sports within the female community and youth. She has three children who train as well and is an active participant in the learning, growth, and personal development of our students.

Raquel brings years of experience in the realm of understanding what it takes to step on the mats for the first time without any experience and has a great technique of making anyone feel comfortable with getting uncomfortable. Not only does she assist with the instruction of our classes but is the "women's only" class instructor on Wednesdays at 5:30 PM. She takes pride in ensuring our female grapplers comfort with  

With over a decade of training she knows first hand what it takes to push through barriers as a female in a male dominated sport and is excited to see what the future holds for our  grapplers. 


Anthony Robles, also known as Tony, is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt under Professor West. He is a US Army Veteran that honorably served this country  for many years. During his time in the Military he was part of the US Army Combatives Program and began his Jiu Jitsu training then. 


Little Known fact is that Tony is a Graduate from the school of Fine Arts in Boston with a focus on the Visual Arts.You will see Some of his artwork is on display at the gym. He has a talent for combining Visual arts with Martial arts. He says that Martial arts have always paralleled his drive towards the elements of the Arts, as the visual concepts and mental applications compliment and inspire his process while developing these pieces.  


Tony's method of teaching is technically driven to continue the beautiful Jiujitsu roll and to ultimately end in a clean escape or submission. He understands Jiu Jitsu from a fundamental level and continues to grow in the sport everyday. You can find Tony teaching on Wednesdays at 12:00 PM. 

All of our coaches are certified thru USAWrestling and AAU with complete background checks. A Complete list of this year's coaches will be posted soon. 

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